Elizabeth R. Dilts, P.A - Peaceful resolution of your issues through mediation

Mediation is the forum to have an inexpensive, peaceful resolution to the end of your marriage or to determine timesharing with a child.
In mediation, the two parties sit down in an informal setting with a mediator. We work together to find compromise and divide things fairly and equitably.  The resolution, the process, and the final result are yours, and normally at a fraction of the cost of an expensive, ugly divorce.  More importantly, it is completed quickly and you will each be able to start your new lives without all of the negativity and baggage that comes with an ugly divorce.  Less stress means better health and better quality of life.  If you have children, this can be the greatest gift of all to them.  Let them love you both and not feel as though they have to choose sides.
I urge you to try mediation for any legal situation.  It tends to be less expensive than litigation options and allows you choices and a strong voice in the process.  We work together, not against each other, to find solutions that are agreeable to both of you.
It really can be that easy.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment for your mediation today.

The Law Firm of Elizabeth R. Dilts, P.A. has built its practice primarily on the references of our current and former clients, as well as the referrals from other attorneys and professionals in the legal field. We are sincerely grateful to our clients and colleagues in the legal community for their continued confidence in our firm.

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