Elizabeth R. Dilts, P.A - Peaceful resolution of your issues through mediation
The mediation process offers parties a venue in which to identify the specific issues of concern to each of them in a confidential setting (no one may ever call the mediator to testify about issues discussed in mediation and no admissions made in mediation may be later brought up in Court) with a certified family law mediator to assist them in finding resolutions to each issue or dilemma. 
Mediation is a great alternative to stressful and adversarial courtroom proceedings, and is quite effective when each party comes with an open mind and a willingness to compromise.  This is particularly important in family law cases, as the parties know each other well and can work together with the assistance of a mediator to find compromise and resolution of most, if not all issues.  It is not a perfect "Utopia", by any means, but it does give the parties the power to resolve their differences peacefully, and usually, far less expensively. 
Many parties find that pre-litigation mediation (meaning attending mediation prior to the filing of a divorce or paternity case) is the most cost effective, least stressful, and most beneficial manner to resolve their differences.  Others begin an adversarial process by filing a lawsuit, with or without an attorney, and then select mediation to conclude part or all of their case.  Whatever your circumstance, and wherever you are in the process, we can schedule a mediation in a timely manner that is convenient for you. 
Our mediation office is located in Winter Park, Florida and that is where the majority of the mediation sessions occur.  However, upon agreement of the parties, and attorneys if the parties are represented, the mediation session may occur anywhere.  There may be a mediator travel fee if the selected location is not at the mediator's office.  Please call for further details.   
We look forward to helping you find peaceful resolutions through mediation.
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