Elizabeth R. Dilts, P.A - Peaceful resolution of your issues through mediation
                               WHAT TO EXPECT

Mediation is a voluntary process wherein parties agree to meet in an attempt to resolve the issues in a case, with the assistance of the Mediator. This can occur in a pre-litigation setting (before either party files a case) or after a case has been filed.

You should each complete a financial affidavit and sign it in the presence of a notary. It is preferred that you exchange copies of your sworn financial affidavits prior to mediation, but please remember to bring these documents to the mediation session. This is the link for the Florida Supreme Court approved form. http://www.flcourts.org/core/fileparse.php/293/urlt/902c.pdf
This ensures that each party has fully disclosed all assets and liabilities to the other party, and further, assists the Mediator and the parties in recalling all items to be determined.

If you have children under the age of 18, it is helpful if you each complete the required 4 hour Parenting Education and Family Stabilization Course prior to attendance at the mediation session. Please ask your local Clerk of Court if you are permitted to take this online, or if in person attendance is required. Currently, the 18th Circuit (Seminole and Brevard Counties), require in person attendance at a class. Most other Circuits allow attendance via an online course. You will need the Certificate of Completion to file with your other pleadings. If children's issues are to be determined, you should each also be familiar with the Florida Supreme Court Approved Parenting Plan form as a Parenting Plan is required for all cases involving children. http://www.flcourts.org/core/fileparse.php/293/urlt/995a.pdf

We will complete the Final Parenting Plan together, but familiarity with the form prior to Mediation is helpful to the parties. Frequently, parties do not agree as to the value of an item on the financial affidavits or the timesharing to be determined and entered into the parenting plan. Please complete these documents with your determinations of value and the timesharing you would like. It is not important that your documents be the same. This assists the Mediator in "issue spotting" the items that are in dispute. The minimum time is 2 hours for a Mediation session, but many run much longer. The hourly rate is $300.00 per hour and you are welcome to pay by credit card, check or cash. When you reserve a date, you will need to pay a deposit of $600.00 which is equal to two hours of time. If you need to reschedule, you must do so within 72 hours of the scheduled mediation to avoid forfeiting the deposit. Please wear comfortable clothing and make arrangements to spend several hours of uninterrupted time in this session. I provide snacks and drinks, but you are welcome to bring food and drinks as well. If at any time either party would like a break, or to conduct the mediation in two different rooms, I can accommodate you. You, the parties, control in determining when the mediation session ends. You, the parties, will make all determinations and decisions in this case. My role as Mediator is to make suggestions to help you find compromise. If the compromises we make are agreeable, you will each sign the Mediation Agreement, and either of you may file the paperwork with the Courts. If we are unable to resolve all issues, you always retain the right to have the Court determine the remaining issues. Thank you for considering me as the Mediator for your case. If you have any remaining questions that are unanswered, please make arrangements to jointly call me (conference call), send me an e-mail and include the other party’s e-mail address so I may respond to you jointly, or make an appointment to meet with me. For scheduled appointments, both parties must attend the initial session, but if necessary, attendance may be by telephone. Joint communications ensure that both parties receive the same information while conserving the Mediator’s time. This promotes confidence of both parties in the process. Once the session begins, we may break into private meetings, or two sessions. For cases involving allegations of domestic violence or even if one party requests it, separate rooms will be made available immediately. I look forward to working with you to resolve all issues in your case and to assist you in beginning a new chapter in your lives.

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